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Division Head:

  • Ronald C. Davidson
    Professor of Astrophysical Sciences
    Editor, Physics of Plasmas
    Chair, American Physical Society, Physics of Beams Division (2001)
    Deputy Director, Heavy Ion Fusion Virtual National Laboratory (1999- )
    Director, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (1991-1996)


  • Cynthia Phillips
    Principal Research Physicist,
    • ICRF plasma heating, current drive, transport in magnetically confined plasmas
    • Plasma wave interactions with energetic particles
    • Wave propagation in inhomogeneous plasma
  • Edward Startsev
    Staff Research Physicist


  • Philip Efthimion
    Principal Research Physicist, Co-PI on the PTSX experiment,
    a Paul trap under construction to simulate heavy-ion beam propagation through a quadrupole-focusing beam guide.
  • Dick Majeski
    Principal Research Physicist, Co-PI on the PTSX experiment.

  • Stephen F. Paul
    Principal Research Physicist, Co-PI on the EDG experiment,
    a Malmberg-Penning trap for studying the effects of background gas pressure.



Graduate Students:

  • Moses Chung
    The Paul Trap Simulator Experiment.  Laser-induced fluorescence diagnostic.


  • Adam Sefkow
    Heavy Ion Fusion Virtual National Laboratory collaborator.  The Neutralized Drift Compression Experiment-1A.


  • Weihua Zhou


Contact information

NamePhone NumberUsernameMailstop
Ronald C. Davidson1-609-243-3552rdavidsonMS17
Igor Kaganovich1-609-243-3277ikaganovichMS17
Wei-li Lee1-609-243-2647wwleeMS27
Cynthia Phillips1-609-243-2836ckphillipsMS34
Hong Qin1-609-243-3310hongqinMS29
Edward Startsev1-609-243-3511estartsevMS17
Philip Efthimion1-609-243-3212pefthimionMS34
Erik Gilson1-609-243-2681egilsonMS17
Dick Majeski1-609-243-3112rmajeskiMS17
Stephen F. Paul1-609-243-3781spaul MS17
Moses Chung1-609-243-2660mchung MS30
Adam Sefkow1-609-243-2857asefkow MS30
Weihua Zhou1-609-243-3077wzhou MS30

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