Heavy Ion Fusion

cover Abstract Submission for the 2004 International Symposium on Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion

Dr. William Herrmannsfeldt and Dr. Steven Lund will serve as the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Scientific Program Committee for the 2004 International Symposium on Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion, and Dr. Edward Lee will be Editor for the Symposium Proceedings.

Abstracts for the 2004 Symposium should be limited to one page.

The deadline for abstract submission is February 1, 2004

The key point-of-contact for abstract submission for the 2004 Symposium is:

Dr. Steven M. Lund
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
I Cyclotron Road, Building 47
Berkeley, California, USA 94720-8201
Telephone: 510-486-6936
Fax: 510-486-5392

Abstracts should be submitted by email directly to Dr. Steven M. Lund at smlund@lbl.gov no later than February 1, 2004. Abstracts should be attached to the email in Postscript or PDF format in a form suitable for printing on US letter-sized paper. One of the three templates provided below should be used to produce the abstract:

HIF2004_abstract_template.tex (LaTeX version)
HIF2004_abstract_template.doc (MS Word)
HIF2004_abstract_template.sxw (Open Office)

There should be no changes in margins, font sizes, or font styles in the abstracts produced by these templates, and the length is limited to one page. Accepted abstracts will be printed one per page for inclusion in a Book of Abstracts to be distributed at the 2004 symposium. You are encouraged to also attach your abstract input file (.tex, .doc, or .sxw format) in case of format/printing problems. If difficulties are encountered, please contact Dr. Steven M. Lund at smlund@lbl.gov .



Ronald C. Davidson, 2004 HIF Symposium Coordinator
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Princeton University, Sayre Drive at Route 1, P.O. Box 451
Princeton, New Jersey, 08543-0451, USA
Telephone: (609) 243-3552; Fax: (609) 243-2418
Email: rdavidson@pppl.gov